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Climbing to the Top of Google Search Results in Game Development with Room 8 Studio

Kaiiax SEO
April 11, 2023

Research has shown that a mere 0.63% of Google users click on results from the second page, while the top three results receive 54.4% of all clicks. While these figures are straightforward, they reveal the main purpose of SEO efforts – improving a company's Google ranking leads to increased organic traffic and consequently, more clients. It's not rocket science – SEO experts just want to make sure your website is visible online. Our partnership with Room 8 Studio was no different.

Room 8 Studio turned to Kaiiax to improve their website's organic traffic and Google ranking for game development-related keywords. Our SEO experts analyzed the industry and leveraged their experience to target keywords with commercial intent. With a comprehensive SEO strategy, we were able to achieve the desired results – improved search positions on Google. You probably need some details, so let’s start from the beginning.

A distinct brand focused on game art production

Room 8 Studio is an art production and game development company that belongs to Room 8 Group – a group of companies made up of four service lines and seven studios with narrow specialties focused on providing a wide range of services related to game development, such as game art production, mobile game development, trailer production, quality assurance, and more. 

Kaiiax works with all Room 8 Group's studios including Dragons Lake, Solid Bash, Massive Black, Highlight QA, Heroic, and Room 8 Studio. We met Room 8 Group just as they were implementing a new diversification strategy, splitting their external game development services into multiple service lines.

Following its transformation into a distinct brand that concentrated solely on art, Room 8 Studio encountered a particular challenge – the needed to revamp their website and start SEO efforts from scratch.

Going from the 100th to the 3rd position in SERPs

As a newly-emerged brand, Room 8 Studio had to create a new website to promote its services and reach potential clients. As a content marketing and copywriting agency, Kaiiax also helped with content for the website, but that’s an entirely different story.

Coming back to SEO, our main task was to grow the website traffic from the organic search results. And we did it. Just imagine, the page with a focus keyword “game UI/UX design services” jumped from the 100th position to the 3rd. Impressive, right? Further, we will explain what we did to achieve this.

Steps taken to move higher in Google search results

To develop an SEO marketing strategy for improving search engine ranking, we began researching the niche of art production in games.

SEO market research

In our investigation of the game development market, we examined the industry and studied our competitors. This approach allowed us to gain an understanding of clients' search engine behavior and the terminology they use when seeking game development services.

By analyzing the competitors’ web pages, we pinpointed their strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to identify opportunities to enhance our strategy. With the knowledge gleaned from market analysis, we developed a portrait of Room 8 Studio's potential clients, which we used for SEO optimization.

SEO optimization

Our team concentrated on all things SEO: technical SEO, keyword research, and link building.

Technical SEO

To facilitate Google bot's crawling and indexing of our web pages, we conducted a technical audit of Room 8 Studio's website. Our optimization efforts focused on enhancing page speed, improving content structure, and optimizing headings to boost overall performance. We meticulously worked on each page to ensure that content was well-structured, and we naturally incorporated keywords in accordance with search engine algorithm requirements.

Keyword research

Keyword research and market research are closely interconnected, with the former being an integral part of the latter. To expedite improvements in our Google search ranking, we prioritized keywords with commercial intent, such as those containing the terms "studio," "company," and "service."

Using our market analysis and keyword research tools, we compiled a list of high-demand target keywords and categorized them according to the pages requiring optimization. In other words, we identified what words and phrases our potential customer enters into search engines. In an effort to gain more search visibility, we worked on link building in parallel.

Link building

Based on the requirements for donor platforms, like stable traffic and quality content, we created a list of reliable donors we can reach out to and use for link building. Our team also researched link building strategies employed by similar websites to determine the optimal quantity and quality of backlinks necessary to surpass our competitors. Using these findings, we calculated an approximate budget for link building and agreed it with the client.

Besides, we regularly conducted backlink audits to ensure that organic traffic from backlinks continued to increase.

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Did we achieve high Google rankings? Yep!

Our cooperation with Room 8 Studio spanned six months and brought the expected results. Over this period, our SEO team optimized a total of 18 pages, of which 17 exhibited growth in rankings. One page even achieved the coveted #1 position in Google, with five pages landing in the top three and seven in the top ten.

And of course, the organic traffic of optimized pages went up.

This marked a promising beginning to our ongoing collaboration.

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