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Eleken — Lead Generation for a UI/UX Design Agency

Denis Dominov
November 15, 2022

Our work with Eleken started in early 2019, when the UI/UX design agency came to us for help with attracting SaaS leads using SEO. We completed our research into the subject and developed an SEO strategy. By implementing this strategy, we managed to achieve lead generation in the SaaS niche for Eleken. Our productive cooperation with the agency continues today.

Project goal — attract leads that represent SaaS products

To achieve this goal, we developed a content and SEO strategy, and also organized the teams’ work on the project. 

Our initial plan was to write and promote TOFU content. However, since such content doesn’t include commercial keywords, it carries the risk of not doing well when it comes to SEO and lead generation. Therefore, we developed a new strategy that took this risk into account.

How we achieved the goal

1. SEO and content strategy

2. Website rebranding

SEO and content strategy

We found that the terms "app design" and "UI/UX design" received many more search queries than those related to SaaS. Our competitors also targeted these generic keywords, but we wanted to focus our efforts on the SaaS niche. To reduce the risk of errors in our SEO strategy, we decided to test four types of content:

1. Content that answers specific SaaS-related search queries related to making a purchase (transactional intent).

2. Content that answers common questions about design (informational and commercial intent).

3. Content that answers the questions of SaaS product owners (informational intent).

4. Content targeting general design-related search queries with a transactional intent (the same as our competitors targeted), in case the promotion of our key niche does not happen so quickly.

Website rebranding

Eleken and Kaiiax decided that we should update the design and communication on the website before we do any SEO. The previous version of the site didn't properly showcase their company's expertise, so we have created 21 new pages that communicated the company's value proposition more effectively. The result was a renewed 

You can have a look at the previous website version here:

Results — growing traffic and lead generation

Due to the creation of high-quality content and painstaking link building, traffic on the website continues to increase.

North America accounts for ~20% of Eleken's traffic, which is one of several factors that has led to a high number of quality leads.

The traffic from the "business content," the third group of articles in our content strategy, is also growing. Since link building is not a factor in this type of content, its growth is determined entirely by the quality of the content.

Although referral traffic was the most important channel during the project's early stages, organic search won out over referrals for the number of leads generated and is now the key channel for lead generation.

Sure thing, the quality of leads is determined by the positions of the search queries we promote. 

As a result, we've achieved quality leads in the SaaS niche.

In a year, the Eleken team has tripled in size

Thanks to Kaiiax, Eleken has achieved its goal of capturing a share of the SaaS product design market within 3 months. One year later, Eleken's design team had tripled in size. We are proud to have worked with Eleken and to have helped them achieve their goals.

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