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Kaiiax Is Merging Marketing Efforts with Clients' Sales Force to Enable ABM

April 26, 2023

Exciting news from Kaiiax! We are merging our marketing efforts with our clients' sales force to implement ABM (Account-Based Marketing) campaigns moving forward. What this means in practice is that our clients' prospects will receive more attention (touches) from both sales and marketing channels. This results in a more consistent buying experience for prospects, with easy access to all the information they need about our clients' expertise.

Here are the operational improvements we've made:

  • Our marketing strategies are based on the sales ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and prospect list. We create an ICP if the client doesn't have one yet.
  • We create sales-enablement content to support our clients' sales force.
  • We help our clients' sales force with social media marketing (primarily on LinkedIn).

With these changes, we no longer look for search keywords to write content. Instead, we focus on marketing the client's expertise using the content marketing methods we're experts in.

It's exciting to work on marketing when you understand your client's expertise and market and can deliver results. And we can.

We've already conducted some pilot experiments, and we've always prioritized content based on expertise rather than focusing solely on SEO. Now, this approach has become our default way of working.

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