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Kaiiax Is Upgrading Our Approach to Content Strategy

Kateryna Abrosymova
December 30, 2022

We're happy to tell you that Kaiiax has been working hard to boost the effectiveness of our clients' content marketing strategies. Going forward, we will be implementing a more structured and systematic approach to content planning, ensuring that all of our content is aligned with our clients' brands and business goals. This includes:

Defining strategic pillars

They will guide all of our marketing communications. These pillars will help us stay focused, and they will allow us to tell a story that's unique to each individual company we work with.

Building a "marketing perception database"

Or a list of brand stories that stem from strategic pillars and shape our marketing goals, messaging, and content roadmap. These perceptions are what our clients want to be known for as companies.

Utilizing data and analytics

We've been experimenting with advanced marketing automation tools to better understand what audiences and verticals we are targeting, research core buyer personas or ICPs, and identify topics that might resonate with them.

Defining key channels

What channels are the most important for spreading a marketing message? We'll be focusing our efforts on 1-2 marketing channels and testing new channels and tactics that could prove step-change drivers for our clients' businesses.

Setting clear objectives

Setting objectives each quarter will help us focus on impact and avoid wasted work that doesn’t move the needle.

Planning content campaigns

Or projects focused on achieving specific objectives that we've set for the current quarter. 

Creating ​​a well-balanced and prioritized content roadmap

Much like a product development roadmap, a content roadmap results in high-impact content that hits all of our goals across various parts of our marketing strategy.

We've already been implementing this approach in our work with Eleken, Solid Bash, Room 8 Studio, Dragons Lake, Room 8 Group, and Bridge. We think it will help us serve our clients better in the coming year.

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