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Kaiiax's Been Working with Bridge Since Day One, Our Partnership Reached Its Third Year

Kateryna Abrosymova
April 3, 2023

About three years back, we had our first chat with Bridge, an early-stage technology startup with a vision to become an "operating system for global hiring" as they coined it. Bridge's initial concept was to use a technology platform to help companies hire software engineers in three countries and build remote teams, all while managing payroll, benefits, taxes, and local compliance. They came up with this idea in 2020, which was perfect timing with Covid going on. After a year, however, Bridge pivoted to a tech-enabled recruitment company with a promise to find the right software engineers across three continents. 

Here is a brief story about our collaboration. 

Stage 1: Securing initial leads for a startup in its early stages

When we met, Bridge had a completely new website with no ranking, no visitors, and practically no content. Turning this website into a lead-generation channel wasn't an easy feat. We had to start from scratch and come up with a strategy that would allow Bridge to quickly test their business idea and acquire initial customers.

While Bridge's founders were busy with outbound marketing, our team at Kaiiax focused on bringing relevant traffic to their website. We wanted to attract entrepreneurs who were looking for software developers with specific expertise in Ukraine, Mexico, and Argentina – Bridge's operational locations. So, we came up with an SEO plan to make it happen. Our first milestone was the creation of around 20 new landing pages, optimized for long-tail keywords with low difficulty scores (the low-hanging fruit). Once we had built up the site's reputation, we went after the harder-to-rank-for keywords.

We also created a range of evergreen topics with the purpose to attract business owners seeking to employ remote staff, such as Guide to Payroll and Taxes For Domestic and Global Remote Teams and Hiring a Remote Team Without Breaking The Law: 5-Step Checklist. When we got the SEO and content strategies up and running, we revamped the website to improve messaging and make our value proposition clearer.

After dedicating a few months to consistent efforts in SEO and content marketing, Bridge began to receive its first organic leads. These leads provided valuable insights into client needs, which ultimately prompted Bridge to pivot its business model. As a result, the company stripped down its operations to focus solely on tech-enabled global sourcing and recruitment.

Stage 2: Supporting Bridge's new business strategy 

Following the pivot, we refreshed the content on the Bridge's website to align with the new commitment and intensified our focus on pieces that were successful in generating leads.

As part of our efforts, we reworked the copy on the key website pages to showcase all the great things Bridge has to offer, like finding top-notch talent from all around the globe, using a powerful sourcing engine that includes technical vetting, having recruiters with experience hiring software developers, and providing up to 30 qualified candidates to tech entrepreneurs every month. 

Today, Bridge collaborates with our in-house content writer at Kaiiax, and we manage all content marketing and SEO activities on behalf of our client.

We've been Bridge's first and only marketing team since they started

We've been working with Bridge since day one, and they've trusted us to handle all their marketing needs. It's been an awesome three years, and our work has brought Bridge a constant flow of leads interested in hiring remote software engineers. 

It's been a fantastic journey, and we're grateful for Bridge's unwavering trust and loyalty. We're looking forward to continuing to achieve great results together!

From Monday, April 13, 2020, to Monday, April 3, 2023, and counting...

Result: 1086 days

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