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MindK — Tier-2 for Lead Generation in EdTech and HR/Recruitment Software Development

Kaiiax SEO
November 7, 2022

Our client, MindK, specializes in software engineering for different industry verticals, including education and human resources. When we started planning for lead generation in early 2021, we considered writing and promoting content clusters in Edtech and HR/Recruitment categories. However, promoting content from these niches required more resources than we had, so instead we focused on increasing the authority of the pages that linked to our website – so called tier-2 links.

We started the project in March 2021. Read further to learn what we’ve achieved.

Project’s goal

Lead generation in education and human resources industry verticals.

Project limitations

  • Sufficient budget for content writing
  • Limited budget for link building ~ $2500.

SEO and content strategy

We used niche research and competitor data to create a content plan that was implemented thanks to the fruitful cooperation of Kaiiax and MindK. We chose topics for the upper stages of the funnel, such as unaware and problem-aware, since keywords that users search for towards the end of their purchase cycle have small search volumes.

We created the content plan in March 2021

In June 2021 the content plan was completed

Two content writers were working on writing the articles.

Multi-level linkbuilding. Tier-2

For promoting the new pages, we used a multi-level link building strategy. But why did we choose it? 

We decided to emphasize the quality of our outreach links over their quantity because we had a limited budget and wanted to see results quickly. That's why we decided to build some links of the first level (tier-1), and then use tier-2 (crowd and other types of links) to strengthen those tier-1 links. Another unobvious benefit of using tier-2 is that this way you can hide your promotion tactics from the competition.

This link building strategy is not mandatory. If a project has sufficient budget, you can only focus on building tier-1 links of the desired quality.

Types of links we used for tier-1 link building:

  • Guest post links
  • Forum links
  • Social media links
  • Q&A website links.

The screenshot below shows the number of tier-1 links we got for our target pages monthly. 

Below you can see a few tier-2 links that link back to the tier-1 links:


On the chart below, you can see the traffic growth for the articles we've published:

Carefully chosen semantics for every page brought results — here are some target keywords that we've managed to get to rank on top of the search results:

Project outcomes

As a result, we have attracted qualified leads from education and human resources industry verticals:

Quality content, end-to-end on-page SEO, and link building let the website rank better for target keywords. By achieving top-rankings, we increased the number of leads in the desired niches. 

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