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SaaS Copywriting Examples to Spark Your Inspiration

Tetiana Sukmaniuk
August 17, 2022

Behind every successful SaaS company there's great SaaS copy. But how can you define good copy? Is this something that has words "like cutting-edge" or "revolutionary"? Or maybe it says "You are here because you need us?" Not quite. 

Your website copy needs to connect with your audience, increase their interest, and dispel their doubts. Copy can make a huge difference between closing a sale and losing a lead.

If you can't say such a thing about your copy, then we're here to save the day. Below, we will discuss 7 awesome copywriting examples from SaaS companies to help you find some inspiration to write your own high-converting copy.

Slack clears the biggest customer doubt

Teams large and small rely on Slack” – Slack tells you that it's used by companies of all sizes without saying that directly. With this phrase, the copy addresses the customers’ concern about the product not fitting their team size. The page includes social proof to highlight the benefits of using Slack and convince that this solution is something the reader is looking for. 

Slack home page

Our client, Bridge, a company that offers local recruiters and a client-only web platform for global tech talent acquisition, also clarifies who their product is for on their homepage. We've identified their client's key pains and addressed them in subheadings and descriptions to highlight the value that Bridge's clients get from their services.

Bridge home page


Make sure your copy makes it clear who your product is for.

Trello focuses on the customer

The H1 heading and description jump straight to the point and clearly explain what Trello does and the result of using it – move work forward, reach new productivity peaks, accomplish it all. Trello's tone of voice is very friendly and close to customers. Trello also uses humor, which creates positive feelings and makes reading their homepage fun and engaging. While communicating product features, the copy focuses on user benefits.

Trello home page

When we wrote copy for the website of Room8 Studio – a game development company – we've also  focused it  around their clients' pains. "Keep up with the pressure to release fresh content continually" is the main value that game developers get from working with Room 8 Studio. This subheading gives readers a clear understanding of what they will achieve by partnering with the company. 

Room 8 Studio game development services page


Don't focus on your product's features. Ask yourself "what's in it for the customer?" and talk about it in your copy.

Stripe backs up its claims 

What we like about Stripe copy is that they show their product is the best without being too boastful. They prove each claim with numbers (250M+ requests per day, 135+ currencies and payment methods supported). Although the product deals with payments, banks and stuff, there is no financial jargon in the copy. 

Stripe home page

We followed a similar path when writing copy for MadAppGang – a web and mobile app development company we are proud to have as a client. To support our claims, we added a block of client testimonials with a phrase from each testimonial put into a subheading. This way we've created a solid social proof and a reason to believe our claims are true.

MadAppGang home page


Support your claims with evidence, add social proof and numbers. Don't use jargon, so your copy is clear for everyone.

Ahrefs communicates the ultimate outcome of using their product

Instead of writing a common we-language copy, Ahrefs remains customer-centric and shows customers the final outcome of using its service. Right in the H1 on the homepage, they address the biggest challenge of their target audience – getting more traffic and ranking higher on search engines. The copy also has social proof – 9,752 accounts created in the last 7 days. 

Ahrefs home page

We used the same technique to write copy for one of the pages on the website of Eleken, a design agency. A marketing automation system that  makes marketing way simpler – this is what a client gets if they work with Eleken on UI/UX design for their product.

Eleken marketing automation use case page


Communicate the ultimate outcome that your customers get from using your product and back it up with social proof.

Intercom conveys its positioning throughout the home page 

Intercom is the Engagement OS – this is Intercom's positioning. If you look closely, you'll see that the idea of engaging customers using Intercom's solutions is communicated in every block. As we scroll down the page, we see messages like "Engage across every touchpoint," "See how game-changing companies are making the most of every engagement," and "Start making the most of every engagement." 

A good landing page adheres to the so-called Rule of One: it targets one reader, it presents one big idea, it makes one promise, and it offers one offer. The Rule of One helps you know exactly what to say.

Intercom home page


Focus your page on one core argument and communicate it in every block. 

Privy provides advantages over competitors right away

Privy is a product in a fast-growing email marketing industry. There are many similar solutions on the market. To convince customers to choose your product over competitors, you can simply compare it with alternatives. Directly on its home page, Privy compares itself with Mailchimp to communicate its competitive advantages. This helps clear customer doubts and choose Privy with confidence. 

Privy's Privy vs Mailchimp page

Coming back to our clients, Bridge, a global tech talent acquisition company competes with software development outsourcing vendors for the same clients. To help Bridge's site visitors make a decision where to hire the tech talent, we added a comparison table to some pages of the website. Contrasting these two options – Bridge and outsourcing service providers – lets readers understand the pros and cons of each solution.

Bridge hire Python developers page


If you're building a product in a highly competitive market, you need to make sure your customers know how it compares to other popular alternatives. 

Notion focuses on client’s pains

Notion puts customer pains at the center of their SaaS website copy and communicates how its product can help solve them. The copy clearly explains what customers get and illustrates it with screenshots. Notion addresses the most crucial customer issues at the very beginning, which, in turn, helps draw attention to the product. 

Notion home page

We started Eleken's home page by asking questions that communicate their clients’ pains – working with designers who don't understand product design, product scaling, poor conversion, high churn rate – to explain how these problems can be solved with the UI/UX design services Eleken offers.

This page has converted dozens of clients so far.

Eleken home page


Describe your customer pains in your copy and show how your product can handle them.  

Write convincing and reader-focused SaaS copy

SaaS website copy helps turn your website visitors into loyal customers. It introduces your product, communicates its benefits, and builds initial trust with site visitors. Good website copy helps your product stand out on the market and increases SaaS conversion rates. 

Reach out to us if you need help with SaaS copywriting for your website. And if you want to learn more about SaaS copywriting, read: What Is SaaS Copywriting OR Why Your Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Solution Doesn’t Convert.

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