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We want you to get the most out of your experience with us. We've outlined a model below that illustrates how our service works and how you can influence it when you need to.

Service, Project, and Delivery Layers

Everything starts at the Service layer, where a client request turns into a project. We define project results and client satisfaction criteria at the Service layer. The Project layer breaks down into Projects, Resources, and Reporting components. The Project component is a set of tasks that we intend to complete within a fixed period to reach the desired outcome. The Resource component defines the roles and other resources needed to accomplish the project. The Reporting layer is an ongoing measurement of how we're moving toward our goal. The Delivery layer refers to people, processes, and technology – what our organization has to put into action in order to get the project done.

HR layer

The Human-Resources layer includes all people who are involved in any part of the project. This layer influences other layers and their components the most. Think of it this way: the HR layer is comparable to an organization's people, teams, and groups; each with its own personal attributes, emotions, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. This layer has the biggest effect on the project's success or failure.

BI layer

The Business Intelligence layer is for measuring everything that should be measured to make the best guess about what to do. The BI layer supports decision-making for all aspects of the service, and this includes measuring end-user behavior on the website as well as human resource efficiency during the project.