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It's Been 4 Years Since We Started Working with Eleken – Our Story

Kateryna Abrosymova
March 2, 2023

Maybe even more…actually.

Our story of collaboration with Eleken, a SaaS design agency began over four years ago when their CEO, Ilya Dmitruk, reached out to us for help with content marketing. At that time, Eleken was a full-service design-driven app development agency. They worked with companies around the globe helping them design and develop web apps, ecommerce websites, and mobile applications. 

After bringing on board our first content writer and devising a content plan, Eleken's business strategy changed. They opted to take a hiatus and returned to us a year later with a fresh approach. Eleken had shifted to a subscription-based model, offering a fixed monthly rate for autonomous full-time designers to cater to SaaS businesses. They returned back to us to help promote their now design-only agency through content marketing.

"Are you sure you only want to target SaaS and neglect other potential markets for UI/UX design services?" – we asked IIlya on our first call. This was an uncertain approach SEO-wise, as SaaS design-related keywords had a minuscule search volume. But Ilya remained steadfast in his belief that SaaS was the market that required their attention.

We spent a few months talking about how to attract SaaS leads while being careful not to take too many risks. Once we agreed on a plan, we started hiring content writers… and the rest is history! 

Four years of consistent and persistent work on content and SEO has made Eleken a thriving SaaS design company, with over 40 UI/UX designers on board. They now boast an extensive team comprising writers, link builders, SMM managers, and marketing designers, and have expanded their reach to other platforms like Instagram and YouTube. 

We are proud of the results we have achieved together

Our new blog and backlinks strategy helped us to generate 20+ organic leads per month and put about 30+ keywords in Google's top rank.

– Ilya Dmitruk, CEO at Eleken (read full review)

We're excited for more years of great work coming!

Our work might not always be perfect, but we face challenges head-on and collaborate to find solutions.

We're grateful for Eleken's continued trust and willingness to work with us over the years and look forward to many more years of great results together!

From Friday, March 1, 2019 to Thursday, March 2, 2023

Result: 1462 days

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