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Kaiiax Teams Up With Flyaps to Enhance Their Brand Presence and Industry Authority

May 15, 2023

We are delighted to share the exciting news that we have been engaged in a fruitful collaboration with Flyaps, our newest client, for the past three months. Flyaps, headquartered in Dnipro, Ukraine, and with an office in New York, USA, is a full-cycle product development company specializing in the creation of tailored AI solutions and cloud-native distributed applications. Despite having a small team, Flyaps has a wealth of expertise in developing exceptional products. Their impressive portfolio spans from applications for high-growth startups to sophisticated enterprise-level business systems.

An excellent illustration of their accomplishments is Airbyte, a unicorn startup valued at $1.5 billion, which is among their projects. Airbyte is a low-code data integration platform that offers over 300 pre-built connectors. These connectors have been developed by a global community of data scientists and Python software engineers, which serves as a proof of Flyaps' ability to create tools that offer an exceptional developer experience.

Flyaps has been involved with other projects that may be familiar to you. For instance, CV Compiler, featured on TechCrunch and crowned the #1 product of the day on ProductHunt, is an AI-driven tool designed to enhance developer resumes and make them more competitive in the job market. Another remarkable project is GlossaryTech, a Chrome extension designed to aid recruiters in hiring tech talent. 

Flyaps also has extensive expertise in the telecom industry. They have developed predictive analytics systems, IoT software, and business automation tools within this domain and established collaborations with renowned companies such as British Telecom and Yaana.

Our collaboration with Flyaps encompasses several key areas:

  • Website Copywriting: Recognizing Flyaps' expertise and unique company culture, we identified the need to revamp their website to better showcase their capabilities and appeal to potential clients. We embarked on a project to restructure the website, creating new pages that effectively convey the right message and enhance Flyaps' overall attractiveness.
  • Case Studies: Despite Flyaps' impressive decade-long presence in the industry, they lacked written case studies that could highlight their expertise. To address this gap, we had discussions with their team to delve into their projects and create compelling case studies that showcase their capabilities.
  • SEO: We initiated a deliberate and gradual approach to SEO, with a current focus on local SEO and the establishment of a strong link-building strategy. By implementing these tactics, we aim to enhance Flyaps' visibility and reach in local search results.
  • Hiring Content Writers: As part of our collaborative effort, we facilitated the hiring process for content writers within Flyaps' internal team. After reviewing more than 40 candidates, we have successfully onboarded one writer, and our search continues to find an additional writer who will contribute to Flyaps' content creation efforts.
  • Content Strategy: Building on Flyaps' wealth of experience, we devised a comprehensive content strategy. This strategy revolves around developing content clusters centered around Flyaps' specific areas of expertise while drawing insights from their case studies.
  • Thought Leadership Content: We are actively engaged in writing thought leadership content that targets the bottom of the marketing funnel. Our focus is on capturing the attention of niche enterprise customer segments, aligning the content with Flyaps' extensive industry experience, and showcasing their solutions in a compelling manner. Through this thought leadership content, we aim to establish Flyaps as a trusted authority in their field and drive interest and engagement from potential clients in the enterprise sector.

Through our collaboration, we are committed to elevating Flyaps' brand presence, refining their messaging, and positioning them as a leading authority within their industry.

We're thrilled to see the new Flyaps website go live! We've already seen some mockups and are confident it's going to be amazing. Right now, we're working closely with the team to support Flyaps' marketing goals and spread the word about their expertise to their target audience in the USA.

We're delighted to have started this partnership with Flyaps, and we can't wait to see the results of our content marketing efforts!

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